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Art Oracle Cards

I have been working on making a personal set of arty oracle cards – so far I have done about 22 of what I hope will be about 80. The idea is that I...

J226 Did Someone Say Partay?

Finally I can post again after moving my website to a new host and then dealing with all that that entailed.  Of course I have been making art while I waited.  The best place...

J222 My SuperHero

Here is my inner warrior guardian – she has lots of intuitive Shrek ears, wings so she can get there whenever she is needed, little dancing shoes (why not) and a little sword just...

J216 Off Balance

How do you feel when thinking of delving into your emotions?  Part of a series investigating the emotions around the process of forgiveness.

The Elephant In The Room

Can you see the elephant in the room?  More from the Abstract Mojo class – I really enjoyed this and will do a series of them sometime.