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This year I am again participating in the Documented Life Project (DLP2015) – so this is my response to a recent challenge.  It was to use gesso and be inspired by the quote  “The beginning is always today.” by Mary Shelley.  Click on the pic to see it in its full glory.

For those interested here is my process:
That quote made me think of Steps for some reason and that made me think of a photo we had taken during our recent holiday in India.  These marks were carved into the stone next to the Bhojeshwar Temple near Bhopal and no one seems to know what they were for but I thought they’d make great steps.


So I made a start – took an A4 (297mm x 210mm) sized recycled real estate flyer that had come through the mail and sealed it, covered it in blue Inktense pencil and then applied gesso.  Then I glued on some book pages and other scraps that were lying nearby.


I applied another layer of watered down gesso to get this:



Now it was time to add the Indian steps – in Photoshop Elements I removed the colour from the photo and then printed it out onto a transparency.  I created a transfer print by applying gel medium to the page, placing the transparency face down and rubbing like crazy. Hadn’t done this with the Golden brand of medium before so it was fingers crossed.  Then peeled the transparency off to reveal this:


That left the hand lettering and footsteps to colour – including one I had to draw into the middle section where the transfer hadn’t worked.

I’m happy with how it turned out and that makes this another first – my first blog about process – now to post this to this to FM – another first!

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  1. Annabelle says:

    Thanks for sharing your process, it was interesting to see how it all came together. I love the way the transfer came out and the finished page. Looking forward to seeing more DLP pages.