J58 When Everything is Perfect

J57 When Everything is Perfects

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Another page in my recycled “Out of  India” holiday journal.  The 2 images on the right were done in December in situ at the Buddhist temple complex in Sanchi, India, watched by a group of students (no pressure!).  The marks under the eye on the face were added by fellow budding artist – the little girl with the blue clip in her hair in the photo below.  The face itself is based on a head sitting on a wall at the Rann Riders Resort in Dasada and was added yesterday.  The quote is a Buddhist one by Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483BC. I just love those lions at the top – they look like they have just woken up after a big night out!  I also like that the text stamp I used just happens to say Travel – pure serendipity!  I think I’ll use this for this weeks Documented Life Project 2015 art challenge of layers – when not to stop with a journal prompt of  “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough!” This little journal was once a promotional booklet for art courses – you can still see them if you look closely, see the spooky brides behind his eyes, then layers of gesso, neocolour II, acylic with brayer, the through a stencil, stamping, inktense pencils, white posca pen for the lettering, pink gelliroll pen, black, pen, and a date stamp.  Fun! The page is A4 sized (210 x 293mm).

India (264)

Drawing at Sanchi with appreciative audience – no pressure!

India (833)

Bust on the wall at Rann Riders Resort Dasada


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