J80 – Extinction is Not a Vanishing Act

J80 Not a Vanishing Acts

J80 Extinction is Not a Vanishing Act – click image to see more detail

This is my take on last weeks Documented Life Journal prompt of The Disappearing Trick.  It made me think vanishing and magic illusions and suddenly the words Extinction is Not a Vanishing Act popped into my mind.  I immediately thought of my friend Evelyn who is passionate and active in the Save the Rhino campaign so a rhino became the subject to go with the text.  The number 5055 refers to the number of black rhinos left in the world at last count and I have made him deliberately transparent to give a sense of just how close he is to actually disappearing.

I did have some weird stuff happen when applying the text.  I used a real feather quill my kind hubby shaped to write the text and the words started disappearing before my eyes as it dried!  Very spooky!  The pic below also shows the real size of this artwork – another mixed media page in my newish Zine journal now complete.


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