J94 Visited By Magpies Three

Art Journal J94 Visted By Magpies Three

Art Journal J94 Visted By Magpies Three – this really doesn’t do it justice click for a bigger version.

What an interesting week its been – these 3 magpies literally arrived and took over my planned artwork.  The Journal 52 prompt was Monochrome and/or Psychedelic, the Colour Me Positive prompt was Dream Big.  I had planned to do a magpie dreaming of a colourful rainbow bee eater (we have 4 flashing their amazing colours over the vacant block next door daily just now).  When I revealed my silvery background there the bird was peering up at me and I felt compelled to play along.  The black and white bird on the left is an old solar print of mine and the one on the right is the model for a previous artwork.   I began to wonder why they had appeared so I researched some magpie spirit characteristics, learned that these things don’t happen for no reason (it was spookily true), wrote a couple of poems and now I’m done.  The photo really doesn’t do this page justice – it is full of textures, glitter and silver has a lot going on which seems to be standard in my recent art.  Below are some detail pics (click on them to see as a slide show) and the other poem.

About the other poem:
On the net I found that in Noongar culture the magpie or coolbardie is responsible for the first sunrise.  In ancient Noongar times when the sky was so low that birds had to walk (magpies spend a lot of time on the ground even today) and men could only slide around on their tummys the magpie used a long stick to poke the sky into its proper place and so allowed the sun to be seen (am man to walk upright).  From western dream meanings if you see 4 magpies it signifies a new beginning or a journey.  This new knowledge influenced my poem about magpies below.


the magpie she
sings loud
and with a stick
dare devilishly
she lift the sky to sunrise see
then with blurred flash of wing
is gone
to journey with the other three



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