Attempted Murder Interrupted

Mixed Media Artwork - Attempted Murder Interrupted

Mixed Media Artwork – Attempted Murder Interrupted

The biggest thing I have ever done – a mixed media artwork 1140×790 done at the Australian Mixed Media Roadshow.  The title is due to it being about 3 crows (collective name for crows being a murder) until someone spotted the kangaroo and joey/dingo and it turned into this.

It started life as a digi artwork of my husbands (sorry hubby) – it was falling apart – thats my story and I’m sticking to it – you can still see the 1930s building under the new cover of gesso.


Then I added a few more layers until it looked like this – just like one of my journal pages only bigger:AMMR11s

Then I had to decide what it was going to become – after a few canvas rotations I spotted the birds!  Overnight they became crows and the idea to name it Attempted Murder was born:

The next morning Kecia spotted the roo and joey and once I saw them was hard not to honour them – but darn it – what about my lovely name?

Then it was back to work – background done and details added to pull the creatures from the background.  I’d be lying if I said I found it easy to let all that business go – that’s why there are the words Let Go somewhere on a white bit near the roos neck. With some encouragement I went for it and Voila.

Still it just didn’t feel finished to me – my art lately has always had text – so it was a relief to be handed a white oil pastel and encouraged to go for it.  Phew!

I am chuffed by how it turned out especially in such a short time and it was easier working large than I thought it would be – same same only bigger.  Lucky for me hubby thinks its better than what was there before (he would wouldn’t he!) and I had terrific feedback so will def be working large again sometime soon.

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