J149 Dark Past

Art Journal Page J149 Dark Past

Art Journal Page J149 Dark Past

Another journal page in the Ancestor series – these are my German grandparents and Dark Past refers to the hidden secrets all ancestors carry and the hidden traits passed down from generation to generation. The guy on the right is my Opa – when he died, an elegant stranger turned up at the funeral to announce she had been his mistress for 30 years! She lived in the next village. My other grandparents was a union of a catholic and a protestant with my father being the only child as Opi died in the war. We thought we had no relatives – turned out there were 72 people related to us who lived a mere 60km away. Wonder what else we don’t know about?

That other woman is Marion Mahoney Griffin – Walter Burley Griffins wife and I have no idea why she ended up int his spread lol!

More of my art can be foundĀ Here.

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