21 Days in My Art World – 1 to 7

J190 What Would You Knowws
I recently participated in #21daysinmyartworld challenge – thought I’d put some of my replies here:

Day 1 – my favourite picture – the one above – I wish this had been a canvas instead of a recycled Xmas card.  Read about it Here.

Day 2 – what I’ve learned.  I learned to honour and bring out all the creatures that appeared as I worked.  See finished page Here.


Day 3  – work in progress


Day 4 – book. I bought this when in Vienna few years ago but am delighting in its lavishness. G8 contrast to my grunge but I do feel some gold paint coming on lol


Day 5 – favourite tool.  I love using this tiny tooth flossing tool for drawing with ink esp for text. It gives a nice wobbly line often with unpredictable blobs – go figure.


Day 6 current challenge. I often get stuck on whether the creature I see should be painted to be visible or whether it would be better to paint out the background. Decisions decisions!


Day 7 palette. Short answer is I don’t have one! I like to use lots of different colours – if only I could remember how I did them later esp when I like it like the one below.   As for the other kind of palette I use an old CD so good to hold with your finger through the hole.


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