21 Days in My Art World – 15 to 21

21-15You can’t #whistle and have thoughts like a #shark at the same time! This will also do for Day 15 – how I name artworks. I just wait to see what pops up. This time a head that looks like it’s whistling. .

Day 16 – my smallest artwork. This tiny artjournal is crafted from a single sheet of recycled paper – thank you National Geographic. The subject is mindfulness.

AMMR1sDay 17 – my largest artwork. This which is certainly big for me given I usually work in a recycled book. It was a recycled canvas so that was in keeping. I hope to make some more bigger art this year.

21-18Day 18 – celebrate. I what is not to celebrate about this snore face?  Makes me realise I am one lucky gal in so many different ways.

21-19Day 19 – from the archive. Edwina’s from my printmaking days. She makes me smile.

21-20Day 20 – favourite technique. At the moment I love using tiny pieces of collage and creating around it. Like these arms I cut off a pair of shorts used in a previous art journal page.

21-21Day 21 – my art dream.  I have pondered and pondered and I don’t see it?  I just know that making art is important to me so is here to stay.  It just is for me – no further dreaming required.

I’ve enjoyed this challenge – I learnt some things about myself too – it seems I am an artist!  Whoo hoo!

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