21 Days in My Art World – 8 to 14

Photo 23-02-2016 7 24 19 pm

Day 8 – my inspiration. My art journal The White Men has the most fabulous images that I incorporate in my pages. Of course this means I ruin the book. Sorry Julia. Also most pages are about what happens to me and in my world. Often there are hidden meanings too.



Day 9 – where the art happens. Out and about – this is the tiny art kit I carry around with me in my bag and when I travel. I also make art in our office. I have a studio downstairs but I like to see what I’m working on while I’m doing other things. Plus there’s air con up here. So this camp table is my current fav artzing place. Drives my hubby nuts 🙂

21-10Day 10 – hands.  Yes I have them. Yes they are messy – so are my arms and often my nose and other bits of my face!


Day 11 – turning point. The day I decided to turn my carport into a studio and put my printing press in storage – hey presto I turned into a mixed media artist. This was my first journal page still featuring one of my prints. I even recently sold my printing press – so mixed media it is!

J202 Staring Doesn't HelpsDay 12 – current motifs.  Current recurring themes are birds, animals and other strange creatures.

21-13Day 13 – process insight.  Once I see something in my background a creature a figure or an animal I feel bound to honour it and to bring out its story. Like the angel looking over the Japanese city scape in this one.  Mind you by the time I come back to work on it I might see something else.

Day 14 – sale.  None in the last year – that hurt at first but I have recovered.  I’m lucky enough that I can afford to keep making art without needing to sell and giving art away is quite cool too.

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