My Art Journal – The White Man

My recent workspace - my dining table

My recent work space – dining table

My Art Journal - The White Men

My Art Journal – The White Men

I recently posted my current work space – my dining table – onto FB and this prompted a question about the art journal open on the table.  I have been asked about it a few times before so here is the info.

Generally I love all things recycled in my art so prefer to work in an altered book.  I get them in the charity shop and choose them by the quality of the paper and a spine that open flat.  If it has interesting photos inside that is a bonus.  This book definitely has those! So apologies to the author lol!  Buying books for re-purposing can make for some hilarious conversations with helpful shop assistants who ask what subject I am looking for!  Being book lovers they generally don’t approve and as I do love really old books myself and I do use some discretion – yea right!

Once I have the right book I am in art journal heaven – sometimes I keep the photos that are already there, sometimes I alter them and sometimes I cover them up completely.  I sometimes use words found in the existing text in my pages as found poetry.  I use in adulterated pages to clean up my inks and brushes from previous pages so that is there waiting for me next time and I also randomly stick collage down if I find something nice and don’t want to loose it.  My artwork nearly always ends up with another artwork on the back.

At the moment this book has 12 finished pages in it and you can see them in my Flickr Gallery and I have another 5 pages nearing completion including the page the started this conversation above – here it is in more detail.

Photo 20-06-2016s

My final tip if you are thinking of doing this yourself is to spread your pages over the entire book rather than working from front to back – this allows the spine to have even pressure over it as the book expands.  I generally do not take pages out but I do sometimes glue pages together if the paper is not substantial enough.

There you go – my art journal explained – email me if you have any questions.

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